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The brain is the amazing tool that you and everyone in your organisation has with them 24/7.  
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Essenta gives you tools so you can benefit from its astounding capabilities as well as understand its limitations.   Our tools are based upon scientifically-tested neuroscience research and years of business expertise.

Our bespoke programmes and workshops are designed to improve your strategy processes, risk and project management, decision processes, customer care and crisis management. 

Be inspired by a talk or presentation from our team. 

We will be pleased to explore with you how our tools might benefit your organisation and stimulate your team.  Do not hesitate to get in touch by sending us an email. 


Here are some of the benefits from improving your brain power:

Enhance critical thinking and interpretation of data and information, thinking about your own work patterns
Acquiring New Skills:

Enlarging your ability to deal with complexity and biases  

Expand your knowledge and be inspired to keep learning and keep your brain in shape
Improved Co-operation & Relations: 

By knowing your brain better, you can work better with others

Essenta workshops and programmes are also about enjoying yourself on your journey

See some examples of our workshops and programmes below:

I'm not biased - am I?

We all like to think we are objective when it comes to decision making and in our dealings with colleagues, staff, customers and suppliers. This intensive half day workshop explodes this myth and will show participants how bias affects and impacts every decision we make – this is a crucial learning exercise for anyone looking to improve their organisation's ethics, integrity and diversity. 

If you would like to discuss workshops, such as The Bias Disruptor ®, then please send us an e-mail.